Let's WalK And Talk

Every walk and talk is a shared experience with deep communication. You can speak your heart out without being judged because I believe there are no right or wrong, just different perspectives. 

Watch the above video to understand this initiative. So, let’s walk and talk?


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Reviews from the Talkers

Hey brother, this made my day. Your war on depression is so amazing. You thought me the concept of gratitude and now I'm wondering how much important my life is.
great walk and talk
Sundar Krish
Content creator, Student
After a long time! My mind and heart was connected for those valuable hours in my life. After those two hours I am literally clear in all aspects, my strength, my weakness, my emotions, my questions and everything. I expressed myself after along time and I started loving myself.
Surya Subramani
Designer, Student
After a long wait, this walk and talk happened at last. Got a better eye sight about life. Had a great time by sharing as well as by tuning into your incredible experience you'd gone through. Thoroughly enjoyed today.
Dharini KR


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