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Alwin, a village young lad landed on the soil of a metro city. His casual unironed attire projected his impoverished background. He doesn’t know anyone there except his friend Daniel. A day before, Daniel received a call from Alwin’s mother explaining the incidents that happened in the village when Daniel was not there.

Daniel after his graduation left to the town to get a job and was paid decent. Meanwhile Alwin a batch mate of Daniel in the university resisted to go with Alwin. Daniel knew that the reason for his resistance was Shirley, his loved one.

Shirley, a junior to Daniel was from a rich upper class who fell in love with Alwin for his genuineness and honesty. Alwin though feels shy in speaking to girls, his silence, his helping attitude and honesty always impress people. He stood with the truth but not with immoral things. He was calm always until that incident happened.

One midnight, his girlfriend Shirley called him over the phone and complained that her dad is looking for an alliance. She forced him to speak to her father immediately about their affairs. Alwin was shocked and nervous. He basically came from a poor background, recently graduated, who doesn’t know how will his life be and he realized how can a girl’s dad trust a man like him. This was the point when Daniel too left him and proceeded to the town.

The very next day Shirley impatiently told his dad about her relationship. As expected the rich upper class man couldn’t digest it easily. He doesn’t want his daughter’s married life to be insecure and at the same time he doesn’t want to go against his daughter’s wish.

Shirley arranged for a meeting with Alwin in her home itself. Her dad asked her to do the same. The meeting was straight forward and Alwin won the hearts of her Dad with his genuine but couldn’t give him hope for a rich life. Shirley was the only child to her Dad, hence Shirley’s Dad asked Alwin to take care of his business under his name.

Alwin was not impressed with this idea when he had the ability to stand on his own legs. Moreover, the people of his village knew about the rich man’s illegal gold smuggling. He refused and it created anger in Shirley’s Dad. Eventually, the rich man gave him 3 years of time to reach a steady-state and to grasp the hands of his daughter. Alwin was speechless and hopeless.

He went to the metro city with all hopes and dreams. The time factor was the thing that at times made him nervous. As soon as he reached Daniel’s home he found few more boys living with him. Those were Daniel’s colleagues who were from the cities. That night he saw them drinking whisky and behaving immorally.

Alwin was forced to buy cigarettes and liquors by the group. Their behaviour was very rouge. Alwin patiently tolerated everything.  Daniel had a hectic schedule and had less time to be with Alwin. The very next day Daniel suggested Alwin a few good companies. Alwin cleared one of the companies’ interview process and was given a joining date which was 20 days later from that day.

Meanwhile, Daniel had a transfer of project and was shifted to a new branch of his company in another metro city and hence he needs to leave Alwin. He felt as Alwin had already found a job for himself, will no longer need his support. But, Alwin felt the alternate, it was ridiculous for him to leave with his colleagues whose attitude were highly immoral. Daniel realized it and asked him to cooperate for a few days and soon find a better place to stay.

Soon, after Daniel’s departure, Alwin felt he needs to do some job for the next few days. In the next day’s newspaper, he saw a catering company hiring people for part time. Naturally, he was good at cooking and applied for the same. He later became busy and he rarely came home. All his certificates, mark sheets and clothing were at his home.

A tragic incident happened at this point of time in his life and that was the changing point of his life as well. Daniel’s colleagues once brought a call girl to their home unknowingly to the house owner. The very next day, it somehow came to the ears of the innkeeper and all were asked to vacate the house immediately, clearing their rent dues parallel.

It was not a new thing to those swingers and satyrs. They planned for an escape at midnight. They forgot Alwin and his luggage. They packed everything and departed in silence.

After few days Alwin got a call from the company where he was selected to report with all his mark sheets and certificates. He went to his home and found it locked. He called those iniquitous bastards. There was no response. He hanged up the call and went to the house owner. He then came to know about the happenings there and requested him to open the lock to check for his certificates. It was his only source of livelihood and he need it crucially.

It was his only hope with which he could live with Shirley. The house owner agreed to open the lock with a condition to pay the balance dues of those womanizers. Alwin agreed and requested the house owner to give a week time to earn the amount. He in meantime requested the company to delay his joining date for a week and his request was granted. He worked in the catering team for a week and was able to earn the required amount to clear the dues.

He was also able to connect with Daniel’s friends but the latter didn’t give a satisfying answer about his luggage. He and his new friend from the catering company again met the innkeeper, but this time very early in the morning. But unfortunately, the man was in outstation. Alwin got the number of the man from his wife and made a call to him. He asked him to wait for a few minutes as he was on the way.

Alwin trusted him but the innkeeper took nearly a day to reach the home. Alwin, was so patient and it started to become dark in the evening and then he saw two high beam lights coming through his path. He noticed that it was the innkeeper’s car. That man had made Alwin a fool by making him wait for his own pleasure.

Anyway, Alwin didn’t mean it much. The bald man went directly into the house and took keys from the home. Alwin realized then that at least the proprietor could have asked his wife to handle it if he would have known he would come late. But poor Alwin doesn’t know it was purposely done by the keeper.

Finally, that bald man unlocked the door and Alwin found the house deserted and clean. There was nothing inside and Alwin realized the keeper would have cleaned the room as soon as the boys had left. He had a conversation, he told the bald man that those were the only source for his life. But that arrogant man didn’t react positively, he shouted at him and replied he don’t know about his luggage.

With no fruitful results, Alwin immediately took the rent dues from his purse and paid the innkeeper. It was a huge shock to his friend. His friend asked him what was the use of paying that bald, arrogant man who refused to answer about your documents. Alwin patiently replied he would have disposed my luggage somewhere or somehow and his only intention was to get the dues.

I need to keep my word, as said to him already that ‘I will pay the dues of theirs’. Alwin’s friend felt pride in his friend but at the same time felt poor of his innocence. He knew an innocent man can’t survive in those metro cities with cruel people. Alwin too realized it. That night Alwin had dreams of all the mischievous human beings he came across.

Starting from Shirley’s Dad who raised heights through illegal smuggling, the immoral colleagues of Daniel, the greedy dishonest house owner, the arrogant disloyal acts of auto drivers, lustful bus conductors and wolfish shopkeepers of the greater city cooperation haunted his sleep.

He shared all this with Shirley before he went to sleep. The next day morning, to his surprise, he found Shirley before his new home. With hidden tears, he hugged her tightly until no air escapes. It was a sigh of relief for both. When both set for the breakfast, Shirley told Alwin that she hadn’t informed her father about meeting him.

Shirley sounded suspicious to Alwin. Without giving him a second to think, Shirley told her plan of getting eloped. Alwin didn’t react much to it as both of them now knew they can’t live together in this dishonest world. He also knew that Shirley always takes decisions wisely. He understood the situation by reading her eyes.

Alwin agreed, both got married in presence of Daniel and Alwin’s new friends. Only after the marriage, they started to think about their life. Alwin realized that there are lot to change in this peace-loving world. And at the same time, he can’t change this world alone. Suddenly, he saw a striking quote from a director in the daily newspaper. 

‘If Leo Tolstoy would have born in this Era he wouldn’t have written a book,

Instead, he would prefer films.’

This quote created a vacuum in his heart. Shirley always had craze for cinemas. She was a good singer but she had never dreamt of becoming such. Alwin knew how a film created impact on society. Alwin worked for two years on that field. He collected all details of singers and producers and supported Shirley in becoming a top singer of the country.

All came true and at the end of two years, Shirley became the renowned singer of all time. When Shirley’s Dad came to know about Shirley’s achievements he realized that her daughter’s husband is earning through Shirley. At this point in time too, he felt Alwin is not fit for living in this world. Within a few months, on his way to make a deal with a smuggler, he saw a huge crowd in the capital city waiting for the success meet of a famous star’s film.

When he got a glance at the movie title, a word under it stroked his brain. The trailer of the film itself created more expectations for the crowd. It was the first film of the director that too with a renowned star. The film industry was awestruck seeing the talents of the new promising director.

The box office flooded with positive reviews and huge profits that no one had ever made. The new film had a greater impact on people’s heart and the majority of reviewers agreed to that. The movie had a fantastic screenplay telling people about how to live in this world honestly.

A royal car was nearing the crowd, the old business man saw a young calm, gentle dressed man getting out of the car with politeness. He couldn’t recognize him properly. Following him, he saw his daughter Shirley stepping out. He again cleared the fog in his spectacles and saw the words written under the title of the film and it was a greater shock to him.

The words were,

‘Written and Directed by Alwin’.

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