Don’t worry – The Universe has your back

Don’t worry – The Universe has your back

The Universe works in mysterious ways. It twists, turns, pulls and pushes you down the road you never imagined being in. But, trust me you are exactly where you need to be.

The first step to reach your desired destination is to trust the process and be persistent in it. The universe falls in love with a stubborn heart and a stubborn heart has seen miracles happen.

People have asked me, “How to be positive all the time even in difficult times?” — When all hope seems lost, have faith. There’s only enough room in our mind for either one of these, and that’s worry or faith. Like a baby thrown in the air who laughs with joy knowing he is going to land safely in his parents’ arms, we are all going to land safely in the arms of the universe, after all, we’re all born out of the same stardust.

To everyone who is wondering “Why me?”, “Why am I being put through these hurdles?” — Remember you are not alone, and help shall always be received for those who ask. We’ve all had these moments of feeling lost, self-doubt, despair but the universe always communicates with us through various means, it could be through a person or a billboard signs or songs and sometimes if you listen closely you can hear it in the whispers of the wind. So surrender yourself to the ultimate guru — the universe to teach us patience, love, faith and the ways miracles are created.

Miracles are real it happens every day and every little moment of our lives. Miracles aren’t always a big flashy event like in a fairy tale when Cinderella’s pumpkin turns into a royal carriage. Miracles happen in every blossom of a flower, it happens in every little raindrop that gives life in this world, it is in the act of kindness and compassion towards all living being. In this fastmoving world as more and more people expect instant results we end up missing out on the most important thing of all — Love.

The heart is the birthplace of love, we’ve seen it in millions of movies, songs, poems and stories talking about it. The heart is the first organ to develop in a baby inside the mother’s womb. We associate our heart with our emotions, we feel and love from the heart, and we are always connected with all our surrounding through these energies — whether we are conscious of it or not.

Modern human life has led us being disconnecting from aware of these energies. It has deviated us from being the best version of ourselves, from being human.

Manifesting from our heart energy is a way of connecting with our surrounding, connecting with the universe. Manifest your desires through your heart when you are manifesting from a place of love and faith there’s only room for positivity. We will start seeing miracles in every aspect of life.

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