Earning The Tricolour Flag

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Success is no accident. It takes hard work, perseverance, sweat, blood, tears, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do. The journey what I went through believe me it was not only different but incomparable.

I thought marching on the Rajpath during the Republic Day Camp was my proudest moment in life.  But after getting selected through a tough selection procedure for the Youth Exchange Programme for representing the nation in the foreign Countries as Indian Youth Ambassador.  I found that where there is no struggle there is no progress. 

 I take this an opportunity to thank all the people who were responsible for my success. It was a dream come true when I got selected for the YEP-SRI LANKA. All my delegation mates were from different parts of India, so I was learning more of their cultures and tradition rather than the Sri Lankan one.

These kinds of programmes let ourselves to know better about the nation we live in. Our delegation leaders were like dad and mom to us, taking utmost care in all the situations and they also enjoyed along with us to the core. Since we all were the ambassadors of the nation, we were fully aware of the responsibilities and how one should act in a way that portrays the Indian state a way higher. 

 The pride we had in representing the Indian Delegation was incomparable. All the places where we go, we were treated in a whole different level right from the airport to the Sri Lankan tourist spots.

The hospitality given by the Sri Lankan people was pure and was with so much love and affection. It was so beautiful that people who were with laisoning us were in tears when they sent off us at the airport.

Coming to the socio-economic state of Sri Lanka, socially the people of Sri Lanka was far more advanced which was evident in their empowered women status and environmental care they had. The cost of living in Sri Lanka was very high since they had very minimal manufacturing industries. The main source of the country’s income was tourism and plantation crops.

Human Development Index was higher than the average of the South Asian countries which was apparent by their sheer determination and dedication in their work.

As we represented the Indian Delegation, our topmost priority was to address the counterpart Sri Lankan cadets about our culture and traditions which we did with complete involvement.

About the cuisine, it was more similar to the South Indian cuisine. We were catered with most delicious and variety of dishes. We were overwhelmed by their whole-hearted service.

All the training activities which did there was very much interesting and exciting. In fact, we felt all these activities like rope course and leadership activities were very new to us. We all fired there using sporting rifles.

We were also part of the Passing Out parade of the cadet advanced course. It was such an honor to march alongside the Sri Lankan Officers and the cadets in the traditional tune of Auld lang Syne.

The entire experience of the YEP-Sri Lanka was blissful and mind-blowing. Finally, I could figure out that it is good to have a journey towards the end; But it is the journey that matters. After all the goodbye tears, we had only the amaaaaazing memories flashing in our eyes. 

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