Let’s Walk and Talk – The First 9 Talkers


Happy to announce that the first Walk and Talk started today. The talker is Mr Prem Chandran and he is my father.

This Walk and Talk was great for one main reason. Being in a typical father and son relationship we never spoke about something which made us uncomfortable. We always talked about the usual daily things happening in our life.

But today I decided to speak about all the things I had in my heart. I said who I am, what I needed and how I wish to live my life. He listened and also spoke what he had to say very calmly. I was really relaxed and happy after our talk because we understood each other better. I wish all of us could spend some time speaking to your father about what we really feel so that we can understand each other better.
Moreover, our walk was exciting because we spotted some wild bison, fireflies and the moon was soothing.


The second session of Walk and Talk was wonderful along with this talker who wanted herself to be anonymous. I was really excited for this Walk and Talk and it was really so good that we kept on walking and talking for two hours almost for a distance of 9kms.

The best thing is that we never knew how fast the time went and that fact that we have walked such a long distance without feeling a bit tired was quite surprising. I had some doubts that how this initiative would be for common people, but now I have confidence that people will love it for sure. Moreover, you will feel happy to pay for me.

I know you have a lot to say, I’m loving to hear it. And you will always have your privacy if you wish to. I’m sure everything we speak will always lie just between us. So, come…Let’s Walk and Talk.


Walk and Talk in Rain with an Ice cream. Does it sound cool? It was supercool along with the talker Mokshith. He is a bookworm and we knew even if we speak the whole night, we would still have so many topics left to speak.

This Walk and Talk had so many adventures like jumping the potholes that can’t be seen and escaping from the cars that splashed water. The ice cream tasted so good along with our talks that made us bloom. The rain had a great vibe, so the next time if it rains don’t give a second thought… Just give a call or send a message. Let’s Walk and Talk.


A Wonderful Walk and Talk with the talker Mridula who enjoyed the hours she walked like a free bird. The climate gave a great beauty to our #walkandtalk with small drizzles now and then. We had a great time talking many varieties of topics especially an eye-opening talk about the way how thinking affects our life and how we could change our life by positive thinking. Hope it will change the lives of people for the better.

We could speak topics related to improving our life and many more. Come, Let’s Walk and Talk.


A Wonderful Walk and Talk with a bold and an inspiring woman Swetha from 23.00 – 00.45. Yeah, that’s 1 hour 45 minutes at midnight walk and talk through the streets with almost very few people around and many tailors working hard overtime for the Diwali festivals.

And then we went to a railway station where we both have never went for years and along with that trying out the roads that were more darker which in turn proved to be very peaceful.

You can say a nation is developed by the woman who feels safe to come out at midnight. When such women are here, I believe India will be soon developed. It’s not just about the women but their parents who keep trust in their daughters. Hats off to such parents, for believing your daughter and also trusting the other men in the society.

And my dear friends, before judging a girl who is out of the box than the most of the other girls you see, remember every women who comes back home before sunset craves such freedom as men but they fear the opinion of others or they are restricted.

Please try to understand them or leave them alone. Don’t view them with your dirty mind and don’t speak bullshit. And dear girls, if you want your freedom you gotta fight for it. It is your birth right.


A Wonderful Walk and Talk with the talker Uthraa for two hours which felt like minutes and moreover I felt the sky became dark very fast. She was being herself so much that I would remember the way she talked more than what she talked. This talk was mostly about the common things that happen in our life and the people along with it. I learned something that people have to speak out what they feel to make life less miserable. Awaiting for many more wonderful talks from many wonderful people.


A wonderful Walk and Talk with the talker Mahesh Kamalakannan for 2 hours 30 minutes walking and talking for more than 10 kms. I must admit that this was a walk and talk only for him. To me it was walk and listen. He was the only person speaking so enthusiastically right from the first to the end.

He was so much of a science lover to a fantasy freak that he had so much to talk which means of course, I had so much to listen. He has so much stories to share with people and a lot of great dreams to be accomplished. Best wishes for everything brother. On the whole there was something I will always remember, the name, ‘EVA’.

Do you have any weird things to share? Don’t give a second thought, Let’s Walk and Talk.


A wonderful Walk and Talk with the talker Rebecca walking and talking on a Sunday evening with a bible in my hand since she had to attend her prayer after the talk.

It was a great evening with many random talks especially about her love story which she spoke with so much of passion that it was like listening to a story of some romantic movie.

It is really happy to meet people like her who take their life in their own hands and try to live it according to their dreams. After all that’s what everyone else should do. Live their dreams. Waiting for many such beautiful stories from many more people. Let’s Walk and Talk.


A wonderful Walk and Talk with the talker Narmadha who kept saying, “I know this already but I cannot do it.” I was laughing for the way she kept repeating the same for everything I said. It was a great walk at a new place with the moon that was right cut in the center.

She too was a moon lover just like me who could tell the date when the next full moon was. Today I knew that we all would feel like there is so many things that bother us but if we start counting them there would be just one or two and we can easily find the solution for it. Don’t put things inside you, it will start getting heavy. Let things out.

If you can’t, I may help you. Let’s Walk and Talk.

Ps: If you are a moon lover put a moon emoji in the comment box which will be considered as a Hifi.

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