Our Common Job

our common job in Instagram

Mostly every one of us is doing a job which we are not aware of. We all have been recruited under a single company. We work passionately for that firm that it doesn’t feel like work. Anyone can get themselves recruited in that company because there is no basic qualification. And if one isn’t interested in that company, he/she feels a lack in their life, the reason for which is that every other person loves it.

The name of that company is Instagram. We work for hours by scrolling the feeds, posting our pictures, stalking, sometimes using it for effective communication, all of them, unconsciously, for the purpose of building Instagram. And in return, we are paid back at regular intervals. Not with money but with dopamine inducing stimulations and gratifications.

We think we are taking one step ahead of our previous generation. But actually we are taking two steps backwards. Some decades before, it was a difficult task to communicate from one place to another. But those people were not introduced to the deadly addiction of the overstimulation of brains. They were supposed to do one thing at a time and they were, naturally, practising focus and concentration.

And we, the modernized human beings, need to be aware of how vigorously we are practising distraction before our dreams and uniqueness are suppressed under the common mask of mediocrity. In the era where multi-tasking is considered ‘cool’, shall we just realize that it is our biggest enemy?

The life that we dream about, the life that we think impossible, the life that a very few live, is actually accessible to everyone. What we have to do is to work on ourselves, discover what we love, build a mindset which is required to live the life we want and then being an inspiration for people who would refuse to fit in.

When was the last time, you felt peace and happiness for nothing? When was the last time you smiled randomly because you suddenly remembered how beautiful it is to be alive?

When mental and physical illness has to be healed, we choose to paint them so that they won’t appear ugly. When we don’t feel bad, instead of acknowledging the emotion within us, we rely on something outside to feel good. And after some time, we need some other thing and it goes on. At times, when we feel depressed and out of energy, we dominate other humans thereby getting temporary pleasure and energy.

As decoration of one’s ego is overrated, the beauty of a soul automatically becomes underrated. When we keep running outward for contentment, we forget to take a single step inward. If only we did, we would have understood that we need to learn about ourselves before pretending to be the smartest person.

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