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If you can, you will. And if you have the will, you can. Yes, this is what I have learnt in my life to date. When people had an ordinary life, me, as a kid had some extraordinary dreams. So fulfilling those I wished I could have an extraordinary life. Well, movies were a source of entertainment and information to kids but it stood as an inspiration to me. What type of inspiration was it?

‘To be a real hero’.

Obviously, there is a difference between reel and real. The movies were a turning point of my life in bringing the virtues to become a true hero in my real life. Who is a REAL hero? This was my topic for my first grant stage talk which I gave at ‘Kumbakonam’. Well, people love reel heroes more than real. There too, I used the quotes of reel heroes in entertaining the audience and to bring the attention. That was a fantastic stage talk of mine because I could tell people ‘Who is a real hero’? There are certain instances like a bus conductor becoming the Superstar of a state, a college dropout’s movie becoming worldwide box-office but they were nowhere near to the real heroes whom I am going to mention.

An ordinary railway ticket collector transformed into Captain cool, the world cup winner…..The man of inspiration. It is none other than MS DHONI. Is he a real hero? Of course YES.

The son of our soil, the man who was merit out in Air force pilot selection but still the missile man of India. Who is it? The people’s president, APJ Abdul Kalam. Is he a real hero, obviously YES.

The third man who is my inspiration for a lifetime. A PARAM VIR CHAKRA recipient, a man of valour, a man of determination, a man of humanity and a man of wisdom. Let’s keep his name aside and start with his story. This man was an army aspirant from Himachal Pradesh. Getting selected in his 10th attempt from the service selection board of Army, he joined the J&K regiment.

The deadliest war of Indian history happened in his period of serving. The Kargil. In 1999, this man and his team were fighting for protecting our land in the coldest region. When all his teammates showed great courage and lost their lives, he and his junior Subedar were still displaying their courage to their enemies. When at a point, he has to either hide for his life or go ahead forgetting his and his man’s life; this young man preferred the latter one but with a twist.

He went ahead leaving his Subedar behind, telling him “you have a kid, you have a family, go back and I shall take care of these bastards”. This brave show is called Real heroism. He battled strong and breathed his last after defeating more than 50 men in close combat. Well, the melting part is, he met his alliance and got engaged a month before the war. He was awarded the Param Vir Chakra. His father received his PVC in tears. The name is ‘CAPTAIN VIKRAM BHATRA’.

The guardians of our nation are in the borders giving up their own life in protecting others. Are they the real heroes?  YES, YES, YES. Why do I need to stress this YES so much throughout my writing? Because YES is the word which changes everyone’s life. If you say YES I CAN, YOU CAN. If you say YES I AM READY, YOU ARE READY. The Gentlemen whom I have mentioned above said YES to all challenges ahead of them which made them ‘REAL HEROES’.

SAY YES TO YOUR HEART, this gives you the willpower to break the hurdles.

SAY YES TO YOUR HEART, this gives the courage to face challenges.

SAY YES TO YOUR HEART, this gives the humanity to serve people.

Remember, we are servants of God and we are doing our duty. Let our duty benefit the people.

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