The Cactus People – The Real Lovers of What is True

Poem -The cactus people - The Real Lovers of What is True

For humans who are conditioned with appearance,
Cactus might not be a nature’s beautiful occurrence.

It’s full of thorn, the observers may scorn,
As they disregard the beauty in those thorns.

But what they fail to notice is the truth, that is,
Beauty lies in the beholder’s eyes.

The cactus doesn’t give a damn for what you think,
Because it thrives even in a desert and it is a symbol of strength.

But if you can love a cactus, you are different from the rest,
Because you chose to see things beyond what is considered to be the best.

And you people, I call you the cactus people,
The real lovers of what is true.

Because you understood that beauty comes from inside,
And cactus is a perfect example of that inside beauty.

Do you need reasons to support these claims?
Oh, love can’t be reasoned, but still, you can try.

Cactus is not pretty, let’s accept the fact,
But remember what is pretty is sometimes poison.

Cactus doesn’t complain about heat or cold or dryness,
It grows in extreme adversities and yet it is humble.

Cactus has thorns to safeguard itself,
But it never uses it to hurt anyone knowingly.

Cactus does not hold grudges when people ignore it,
Rather it helps people to heal from various diseases.

Cactus adapts itself, finds bliss in solitude, is tough but gentle,
And live its life in its own way.

What a blessing it is to be a cactus isn’t it?
What if God has placed such blessings in people too?

Look around, there might be people who are similar to cactus,
Others might not know their value, but you know now.

As you relate the above lines to people, you will realize there are many such people,
And you know they have something pure inside them, which makes them beautiful.

Love those people who resemble cactus, as you love the cactus itself.
And together let’s blossom in the beauty that is not only pretty.

And you people, I call you the cactus people,
The real lovers of what is true.

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