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We keep on running for something in our life. It may be money, targets,  achievements, dreams or it may be even for things we love like people. For me, it is personally the craziest thing but they are strong enough to chase them. In this long run of this short life, we often get stuck by emotions that are caused due to scenarios happened, happening or going to happen to you or your loved ones. We do care for people.

Ah!  People, they are so good. You can look into your life and divide them like you want like family, friends and colleagues or known and strangers or how much you can open up your heart to them. We share emotions with them, a lot them maybe. Among all the emotions here comes love is famous, known, resourceful, dope, deceiving and still favourite for everyone, isn’t it? Apart from these knowns, we get a weird kind of happy emotion, when you share something with a person to whom we can share everything.

If both emotion and person are + and +, you become overjoyed, if it is both negative, no never get negative, being the positive note for others is great. This emotion is overwhelming when happiness is shared or relieved. But when we share sadness and still feel happy, can it be real? You still have the same good thoughts but boosted up by the person, amazing right?

Go up to your memory palace and search for a person who is really really close to you and find their first meeting with you and find their first meeting with you, isn’t it amazing? Still, most of your close ones come out of thin air. How so? To gain friends you could google up how to gain friends or either your heart tells you to stay with the person for no reason at any situation. Tada!!! you found your friend.

Do you think this has someone else to deal with? No way he is busy creating puzzling wonders. Maybe it could be fate that every people you meet have some reason. When you think of this, destiny fascinates you, right? But most of the people don’t believe in this modern world, science, technologies advancements and so on. For those people, you can take this as quantum entanglement (Google if you never heard of this).

For those puzzled wonders enjoy them when you experience them but if you think of it you get amused by getting nothing. Something is better than nothing and also all the best for people who are trying to uncover anything. Every action has its effect on the whole story. Here comes this man. You thought of him as a friend with whom you could open up. He relieved and made you overwhelm with your joy. Do you meet him out of thin air? May be Quantum entanglement.

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