Why First Love is so Special?

why first love is so special

The two common sentences you can find whenever you scroll the feeds are “First Love is so special” and “First Love is the best Love”. How many of you had a flash of first love memory when you read that two sentences? That’s why they are so Magical.

Nowadays we are struggling to remember our own 10 digits Mobile number, the formula that we have studied in the last class, and even the breakfast that we had today. Right? We need Facebook to remember us the birthday of our close friends. It’s very natural to forget things, we are not a robot or a computer to have a permanent memory storage device.

If you ask me what is the formula for finding the moment of inertia, my answer will be, “Sorry I don’t remember”. But if you ask me when and where did I meet her? Even After 10 years, I can explain the whole incident as a movie, the day, the place, the colour of her dress that she wore, the feeling when I saw her for the first time. You can say that is also a normal thing, you can explain childhood memories even after 30 years, I agree but the racing of your heartbeat is the difference and that’s what makes this to stand odd from others.

What if that first love is one-sided? It’s even more special, the old love song that reminds me of her when I listen to it now, the chants my friends used to shout whenever I cross her, the hesitation whenever I try to talk with her, the confidence while I buy presents for her birthday even though I knew that I would not give it to her, that finger crossing moment to get the result as ‘L’ or “M’ when we try to find the match using FLAMES and getting the same section while segregation of classes, if we are divided by sections, then finding the reasons like getting duster, chalks to go to her section just to see her, she was my only reason to maintain 100% attendance, the eagerness of seeing her in the weekends made me pedal 14 kilometers like 14 meters in my cycle, I don’t like to attend any special classes or JEE/IIT special coaching class every Saturdays until she gave her name. Unimaginable right?

Guess what are those two special days in our school times that we eagerly wait for? The first one is her birthday and the second one is the annual day, they are special days because that’s when we get a chance to see her in a colour dress, it’ll be more special if you get a chance to see your girl dancing like an Angel. These are not just the moments of life, these are the metaphysical poetry that we cherish forever. The intensity with which this piece of writing relates to you is the intensity of the magic that it holds.

What else is needed to prove that it is such a special feeling?

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